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Long Beach, California 

On my creative journey I go by Artist Shelley Bruce. Based in Long Beach, CA I use the vehicles of live event painting, poetry and community organizing to reach my goals. I believe that art is a dynamic tool for inspiring individuals to grow spiritually and politically.


Unity in Color was an instant yes for me. In my 12 years of pursing art I discovered my purpose was to find opportunities to combine spiritual growth, social activism, art and community events. UIC is exactly all of those things, and I am so grateful these images exist. Also my home of 2 years Long Beach is a multifaceted community with many women who live the mission of UIC. I'm so glad we had the chance to celebrate them because they beyond deserve it!


There are 2 important takeaways for me from our shoot. First is the transformative moment the day becomes for its participants. I had the privilege of watching joy, tears, huge hugs, fierceness and depth spread across a collection of women who I could just feel needed that connection. I am deeply fulfilled to have even been a small part of cultivating that. Second, the images are absolutely glowing pieces of art that show our world some good news; that countless people across the globe stand for love and not hatred. What more could a world blasted by fear messaging need? Every single photo is a testament of the power for this movement.

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