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Las Vegas, Nevada

I have called Las Vegas home for the past three years. In that time, I have struggled with transitioning to a city that has a unique culture and pace of life. Originally from San Diego, I found myself visiting home every other weekend; preventing myself from discovering and developing my own niche. I was first approached by Yuki to participate in Unity in Color. From that moment, I was inspired by the vision of the organization. Following SD’s shoot, I returned to Vegas with a new-found appreciation for sisterhood and was determined to spread this energy to my city. Tragedy struck with the Route 91 Harvest festival shooting. 58 lives lost, hundreds injured, and thousands mourning. Las Vegas was always known for being the “City of Sin”, but after October 1, 2017; we became the “City of Saints”. I wanted to bring forth an organization and event that would help further the bond our community has created through those troubled times. I spent countless hours and late nights seeking those who shared the same vision and was lucky enough to find Raw Femme. Together, we were able to produce an event that still leaves me speechless. Unity in Color allowed me to have a sense of home from the people I was able to connect with. The possibilities are endless when it comes to spreading our message. The growth of community within this city has proven to me that when fearless, strong, and likeminded womxn come together; nothing is impossible.

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